Contineo Limited (C 60390) (50% of Vela Management Limited)

Contineo Limited is an offshore company ordered by Mariano Aguilar using the services of Veco Group.
According to their website (, “Veco Group is an independent Swiss advisory and fiduciary service business offering tailor-made services internationally to both private clients and corporations”. “Veco can assist in planning the right structure, provide the directors thereto, establish the book keeping, assist in the audit, open the bank accounts, prepare of reporting system, offer secretarial services, act as nominee and act as executive board. Either internally, or through one of our foreign owned companies or partners, Veco has the resources necessary to incorporate and manage companies worldwide.”

The steps:
1. Mariano Aguilar choses the name, the jurisdiction and signs a Fiduciary Agreement.
2. Veco contacts a Malta’s fiduciary and trustee service provider, in this case Credence Holdings Limited, who does the rest.
3. Claudio Tonolla (one of Credence directors – is appointed as Contineo’s director, and Marie Louise Zammit (Trust Manager in Credence – is appointed as Contineo’s company secretary.
4. The Memorandum and Articles of Association is signed by Andrew Cefai and Adrian Muscat Azzopardi (
5. Mariano Aguilar signs a Share Transfer Agreement to control the shares
6. Veco creates a bank account for the company, in the Verwaltungs-und Privat Bank of Liechtenstein

And it’s done. Mariano can now remain hidden in all the deals he makes.

Extra steps:
1. Marie Louise Zammit leaves Credence to start working in Trident Trust Company Ltd. She had to be replaced by someone from Credence, in this case Claudio Tonolla, the new Contineo’s company secretary.
2. In May 2014, Mariano’s friend Valerian Butoi is appointed as director, in order to speed up the process in signing paperwork.

After all this, officially in the records of MFSA, Mariano Aguilar has no involvement in Contineo. But in reality he’s the beneficial owner of the company.
This is a clear example of what happens with TPO, a total lack of transparency where no one knows the real investors.

Certificate of Registration

Memorandum and Articles of Association

Fiduciary Agreement

Share transfer

Certification of Tax compliance for new clients

Tax certificate

Bank Statements

Nexia BT Audit Reports

Letter of representation

Accounts for the period ended 31 December 2013

Report and financial statements

Abridged financial statements

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