Vela Management Limited (C52203) – (50% Nélio Lucas with Credence acting as nominee + 50% Contineo – Mariano Aguilar)

Former Vega Capital Management S.A., initially incorporated in Luxembourg – &

Memorandum & Articles of Association

Click to access Vela_-_Memorandum_%26_Articles_of_Association.pdf

Nélio Lucas & Doyen Sports – Deed of Covenant

Click to access Ne%CC%81lio_Lucas_%28Vela%29_%26_DSI_-_Deed_of_Covenant.pdf

Mariano Aguilar & Doyen Sports – Deed of Covenant

Tax Certificate

Click to access Vela_-_Tax_Certificate.pdf

Report and Financial Statements (31-12-2011)

Click to access Vela_-_Report_and_Financial_Statements_%2831-12-2011%29.pdf

Management Agreement

Click to access Vela_%26_DSI_-_Management_Agreement.pdf

Management Agreement – Summary of Key Changes (27-07-2014)

MFSA Directors Certificate

Click to access Vela_-_MFSA_Directors_Certificate.pdf

MFSA Shareholders Certificate

Click to access Vela_-_MFSA_Shareholders_Certificate.pdf

Bank Statements – VP Bank

Click to access Vela_-_VPBank.pdf

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