Doyen Sports Offshore Scheme: 2011 – When it all started and who’s the investor (Part III)

The real investor of Doyen Sports and the secret document

Based on the documents published by Football Leaks about Doyen Sports there was the perception that the original investor would be Malik Ali, but with a closer look at the following excel file we came to the conclusion that there is a secret document and the real investor is Refik Arif.
The money circuit began with the signing of a document on July 25, 2011, where Refik Arif undertook to lend Malik Ali an amount not exceeding 100 million euros, with a seven years term and interest of 4,5% per annum, as shown in the list.
All these documents show that TPO entities operate exactly as offshore structures, there is no transparency and in most cases no one will ever know the real investors!!cRpGVYKR!6Zf2-bPXuooueUtswHHTDvBkvA_WW37wC1BA1CpPjjI

Malik Ali and Refik Arif are the founders of Doyen Group in 2011. Refik Arif has a fortune of several millions of euros, and is a shareholder in various offshores in the British Virgin Islands.!4BpzQIia!HOLIMy9vcT9EVPZ005A-iYk0TO7CNd_vnOPCLG05V3k!IQ5UwJRS!Ib2ZoimvSjOLVHppqAxQyXJNkWMG_AH92BJJA0DnSwQ


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