‘Jornal Record’ : Carlos Henrique Casimiro and the connections between FC Porto, Nélio Lucas & Alexandre Pinto da Costa


Real Madrid – Contract 2013-2017

Click to access Real_Madrid_-_Casimiro_Contract_2013-2017.pdf

Real Madrid & FC Porto – Loan Agreement

Click to access Real_Madrid_%26_FC_Porto_-_Casimiro_Loan_Agreement.pdf

FC Porto – Declaration 2014

Click to access FC_Porto_-_Casimiro_Declaration.pdf

Email – Nélio Lucas & Oscar Ribot

Option right to acquire the registration on a permanent basic

Click to access Casimiro_-_Option_right_to_acquire_the_registration_on_a_permanent_basic.pdf

Blocking of FC Porto’s option right to acquire Casimiro’s rights

Click to access Casimiro_-_Blocking_of_FC_Porto%E2%80%99s_option_right_to_acquire_Casimiro%E2%80%99s_rights.pdf

Click to access Casimiro_-_Blocking_of_FC_Porto%E2%80%99s_option_right_to_acquire_Casimiro%E2%80%99s_rights_-_Payment.pdf

Vela Management Limited – Commission regarding the exercise of Real Madrid option

Click to access Vela_Management_Limited_-_Commission_regarding_the_exercise_of_Real_Madrid_option.pdf


Vela & Energy Soccer – Backdating contract signed in July 2015, with January’s date

Click to access Energy_Soccer_%26_Vela_-_Casimiro_-_Receipt.pdf



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