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  1. Why are several links not working?
    Did some “bad boys” insist your work? Esp. on the Bale deal? When can’t I read about this 100 million-€-deal.
    It’s already in the relevant papers, so why do they complain ;-)?

    Hahaha those stupid assholes! 🙂
    They have lost … for sure!!

    Please try to re-up the copies.

    Thank you Football-Leaks for everything, TineMars

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    1. The funniest is that spanish media insist that Bale has a salary of 6-10M of euros per year when i heard Barnett (His agent) braggin of a 300.000 Pounds per week salary (More than 20M Euros).


  2. please publish your documents from the german “Bundeslig” especially from FC Bayern Munich.
    The responsible persons like Uli Hoeness, Rummenigge, Beckenbauer &co. of this Football Club are trembling now of your publications.
    you have determined further information about the scandal of the award of the Football World Cup 2006 to Germany – please publish them all, that this giga commercialism will stop and the Mafia structures of Football and fifa will be broken!

    Thank and regards


  3. I am very interested in the player contracts also. The bonuses and clauses in contracts (especially the agents) are very eye opening.

    More on the Premier League if you can, we really know how to waste money there (look at the Di Maria transfer)

    Keep up the good work



  4. There is a lot of people in Greece where I work, that believe that the last few year’s deals that Olympiacos FC made are overpriced. There are a bunch of players that were sold in high prices, even not deserved it. I am really curious whether there are huge manager percentages on that deals.

    Thanks for your time,

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  5. You’re doing an awesome job guys. This sport needs to be clean of the darkness and opacity that some people want to force in the signs and salaries.

    By the way, talking about Gareth Bale, Do you know that Spanish media (They work for Real Madrid) claimed since first day that his salary is 6-10M of Euros? I’ve read some statements of Bale’s agent and he said that his salary was 300.000 Sterling Pounds per week. That’s more than 20M Euros per year……

    Can you throw some light on his salary?.


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