Football Leaks – Phase 2

After 7 months of hard research using some of our data, Der Spiegel and the European Investigative Collaborations (EIC), together with The Sunday Times (UK) and Expresso (Portugal) are starting to publish their stories.

It’s good to be back. Enjoy the weekend…

12 thoughts on “Football Leaks – Phase 2

  1. Thank you for beeing back ! Really I want to thank you guys so much. Y’all give us a kind of behind the scenes effect with releasing the contracts- I really think that it is important for international football !

    Best regards


  2. Hello,

    I think your work is important for all the fans …
    As we see Hugo Llloris which is not the bad one is taking over 7000 pounds for each loosing game …
    By ethic, it’s a contradiction …

    Thanks for your work
    “Be carefull for your life”, I hope that’s the beginning of a global review for money in soccer


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