Mutunchi Football Academy Kaduna & Portimonense – Musa Yahaya

Transfer Agreement


FC Twente & Matias Bunge – Jesus Corona

Grupo Comercializador Conclave SA de CV – Agreement

Representaciones Internacionales Vijai SA de CV – Agreement

First Clearing LLC – Payment

‘Scouting’ Agreements scheme to finance Alexandre Pinto da Costa

FC Porto & Vela – Scouting Agreement (300,000 EUR) (Backdating contract – firstly discussed in September 2014 but only signed in January 2015, with July’s 2014 date)

Vela & Energy Soccer (140,000 EUR) (Backdating contract – signed in December 2014, with January’s 2014 date)

Vela & Pesarp SGPS (140,000 EUR) (Backdating contract – signed in December 2014, with August’s 2014 date)

Pack of emails with all the discussions

‘Jornal Record’ : Carlos Henrique Casimiro and the connections between FC Porto, Nélio Lucas & Alexandre Pinto da Costa

Real Madrid – Contract 2013-2017

Real Madrid & FC Porto – Loan Agreement

FC Porto – Declaration 2014

Email – Nélio Lucas & Oscar Ribot

Option right to acquire the registration on a permanent basic

Blocking of FC Porto’s option right to acquire Casimiro’s rights

Vela Management Limited – Commission regarding the exercise of Real Madrid option

Vela & Energy Soccer – Backdating contract signed in July 2015, with January’s date