Doyen Sports : Illegal activities

Letter from the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA)

Our complaint to MFSA

From: Football Leaks
To: …, …

Hello (…)

We know MFSA has been investigating Doyen Sports’ illegal activities. So we will send you some precious information regarding that matter.

In this link you can find the documents regarding the loans to Sevilla, president Del Nido, Getafe, Atlético de Madrid and Sporting de Gijón, the Bank Statements and the loans from Benington Group Assets Limited (C52984) to Doyen Sports Investments Limited.

All those agreements use the loan terminology and some go so far as to establish a fixed rate interest. Doyen by providing those services is clearly breaching the laws of Malta.

By the way, you can check our blog, we have been posting many documentation about Doyen and their activities:

Best regards
Football Leaks


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